who is danual berkley?

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website. I'm Danual. Simply put, I'm a full-time fire fighter, husband, father of two little boys, Army vet, and a guy with a dream. My dream is to one day become a well known children's author.  


I self-published my first book Wonderful Magical Place in 2009. I wrote most of the poems while on tour in Iraq to cheer up my bunk mates after a long mission. I figured, once published, it would just sell itself. That wasn't the case. Until recently, I had almost completely given up on that dream, thinking "Maybe that life isn't meant for you,’’ but the excitement and joy of writing never went away. It stayed with me. Daydreaming of walking into a Barnes and Noble and seeing my book on display started to become dangerous. Why, you say? Because most of the time, I would have those daydreams during long drives. So, here I am again back on the chase! But this time, I’m taking my family along for the ride, and the adventures we’ve had along the way have become some of my biggest ideas yet!