Wonderful Magical Place (book seller RED FLAGS)

Hello beautiful people. I wanted to make you all aware that my book Wonderful Magical Place has been removed from publication. It was removed from publication so that it could get a complete makeover. Wonderful Magical Place will be recreated under the new title One More, then Goodnight. Unfortunately, I was informed by the original publisher that there are some individuals still selling the book at extremely high prices. Although I am flattered that they think the book is worth that much, I do not want their greed to reflect on any of my new and upcoming books. If you would like to purchase an original copy of Wonderful Magical Place, I still have a couple dozen on hand that I will sell at its original price ($10.75 plus shipping). With that said, The following sellers have been flagged:

Cardinal GEM (priced book at $109.74)

Chris's Bargains (priced book at $189.74)

Ebooksweb (priced book at $167.13) 

Frugalread (priced book at $318.76)



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